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Commits on Jul 6, 2015
  1. @mattbostock

    Merge pull request #254 from alphagov/bump-gds-api-adapters

    mattbostock authored
    Bump GDS API adapters to 20.1.1
  2. @elliotcm
Commits on Jun 17, 2015
  1. @edds

    Merge pull request #253 from alphagov/security-vuln-fixes

    edds authored
    Bump Rails, Rack and jQuery Rails for security fixes
  2. @boffbowsh
Commits on Jun 10, 2015
  1. @binaryberry

    Merge pull request #252 from alphagov/bump-gds-zendesk-gem

    binaryberry authored
    Bump gds-zendesk gem to 1.0.5
  2. @benilovj

    Bump gds-zendesk gem to 1.0.5

    benilovj authored
    This picks up a fix for a bug that meant Zendesk ticket creation
    failed silently if the Zendesk API suddenly started returning redirects.
Commits on Jun 8, 2015
  1. @boffbowsh

    Merge pull request #251 from alphagov/pass-organisation-in-date-filter

    boffbowsh authored
    Fix incorrect URL parameter being sent
  2. @boffbowsh

    Fix incorrect URL parameter being sent

    boffbowsh authored
    I am a stupid and can't code
  3. @boffbowsh

    Merge pull request #250 from alphagov/pass-organisation-in-date-filter

    boffbowsh authored
    Ensure we can filter by date for organisation
  4. @boffbowsh
  5. @boffbowsh

    Merge pull request #248 from alphagov/filter-by-organisation

    boffbowsh authored
    Filter Problem Reports by Organisation
  6. @boffbowsh

    Get the organisation's title from a direct API call

    boffbowsh authored
    Instead of getting a list of organisations and iterating over it, get the relevant organisation directly from the API
    Add spec for resolving an organisation slug to a title
  7. @boffbowsh

    Use updated gds-api-adapters

    boffbowsh authored
    New location for organisations_index
  8. @boffbowsh
  9. @boffbowsh
  10. @benilovj @boffbowsh

    Enable filtering feedback by organisation

    benilovj authored boffbowsh committed
    Filtering should be possible by just organisation by itself but also by both
    path and organisation at the same time.
    - Permit params[:organisation] and add it to the terribly named
      'at least one required' list of API parameters.
    - Stop depending on params[:path] for Feedex page header, breadcrumbs, etc.
  11. @mikejustdoit @boffbowsh

    Clean up date filter helpers

    mikejustdoit authored boffbowsh committed
    - Stop parsing dates in the controller action.
    - Stop relying on instance variables and params from these helper methods. This
      had the added benefit of being able to write object-focussed specs instead of
      having to setup the environment beforehand, if you see what I mean.
    - Move the date filters-specific methods to a DateFiltersPresenter.
    - Move the remaining method to a more generic FeedexHelper (because it's
      not date filters-specific, didn't seem like it should live in the new object).
    All of this probably wouldn't be too badly placed in the
    AnonymousFeedbackPresenter. For now, I wanted as much as seemed logical to be
    moved out of helpers and since the original authors thought this merited its
    own place in the codebase, my knee-jerk response was a new object.
  12. @mikejustdoit @boffbowsh

    Move API response logic to an API response object

    mikejustdoit authored boffbowsh committed
    It might be nice to have the setup for (and possibly interaction with) the
    Support Api somewhere more central one day, too, for consistency if nothing else
  13. @mikejustdoit @boffbowsh

    Only use presenter, etc for HTML response

    mikejustdoit authored boffbowsh committed
    The 'etc' being the date filter-related instance variables used in the view
    and helper.
    It'd be good to rethink those filter variables soon, but for now, let's at
    least ensure we only bother initialising them for the correct response type.
  14. @mikejustdoit @boffbowsh

    Make API parameter requirements more explicit

    mikejustdoit authored boffbowsh committed
    And break up the conditional for readability.
    As a bonus, this might scale a bit nicer.
    Not too sure about the naming of the collection of parameter keys. But I *think*
    it's understandable...
  15. @mikejustdoit @boffbowsh

    Cleanup user params -> api call params translation

    mikejustdoit authored boffbowsh committed
    Before too late and we're doing even more of the same
  16. @mikejustdoit @boffbowsh

    Org summary page link to Feedex filtered by Org

    mikejustdoit authored boffbowsh committed
  17. @mikejustdoit @boffbowsh

    Add class to organisation summary table rows

    mikejustdoit authored boffbowsh committed
    This will help in our feature testing where we scrape the table to
    verify correct results
  18. @mikejustdoit @boffbowsh

    Present Organisation details to the view

    mikejustdoit authored boffbowsh committed
    With the OrganisationPresenter, no less
Commits on Jun 5, 2015
  1. @benilovj

    Merge pull request #249 from alphagov/prevent-ugly-wrap

    benilovj authored
    Improve wrapping of date filter at small widths
  2. @fofr

    Improve wrapping of date filter at small widths

    fofr authored
    At thin widths the container size wasn’t large enough to contain the
    form as well as the reset filter button.
    * Give the form more space at medium page widths
    * Keep the space the same at larger ones
Commits on Jun 4, 2015
  1. @issyl0

    Merge pull request #247 from alphagov/flash-message-copy-change

    issyl0 authored
    Flash message copy change from Persis
  2. @boffbowsh
Commits on Jun 3, 2015
  1. @boffbowsh

    Merge pull request #246 from alphagov/export-to-csv

    boffbowsh authored
    Add controller for requesting/retrieving CSVs
  2. @boffbowsh

    Add controller for requesting/retrieving CSVs

    boffbowsh authored
    Add Export to CSV button
    Add GA tracking to the flash message
Commits on May 26, 2015
  1. @benilovj

    Merge pull request #244 from alphagov/tweak-table-col-widths

    benilovj authored
    Keep items columns readable
  2. @fofr

    Keep items columns readable

    fofr authored
    On pages with long URLs the path column was stretching out and
    squishing the “X items” columns.
    * Add a minimum width to prevent this
  3. @benilovj

    Merge pull request #243 from alphagov/breadcrumbs

    benilovj authored
    Tweak organisation summary breadcrumbs
  4. @fofr

    Fix `in_feedex` check

    fofr authored
    Check was testing for an old URL
  5. @fofr

    Add correct breadcrumb for org pages

    fofr authored
    Include org name and make `Feedback` a link
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