A middleman template for building technical documentation with a GOV.UK style
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Tech Docs Template

The Tech Docs Template is a middleman template that you can use to build technical documentation using a GOV.UK style.

This repo is the template used to generate new sites. The generated site uses HTML, CSS, JS and images from the tech docs gem.

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  • You'll need middleman installed, and its dependencies (Ruby). If you have Ruby v2.2.2 or newer installed you should just be able to run gem install middleman. Installing or updating Ruby is outside the scope of this README.

Creating a new documentation project

From the command line run the following commands, substituting my-new-project for the name of your new project:

middleman init my-new-project -T alphagov/tech-docs-template

This will run an interactive prompt where you can set basic configuration for your project.

In order to configure things like the header, edit config/tech-docs.yml.

Updating a project to use the latest template

In most cases you can update your project to the latest template by running:

bundle update govuk_tech_docs

This will make the site use the latest version of the govuk_tech_docs gem).

The CHANGELOG in the gem should tell you what changed and if you have to update any of your files. If that is the case, run:

middleman init . -T alphagov/tech-docs-template

If you have made any changes to the layout or any of the assets you will be prompted to resolve any conflicts, at which point you can view a diff between your version and the latest version.

Local development

If you make changes to the template you can create a test site with this command. Make sure that you've committed your changes first, because Middleman works with Git.

bundle install
bundle exec middleman init tmp/test-run -T file://$(pwd)
cd tmp/test-run
bundle exec middleman server

Your generated site should appear on http://localhost:4567.