Enabling the population and distribution via API of UK Customs tariffs and duties
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Trade Tariff Backend

The API back-end for:

Other related projects:



  • Ruby
  • Postgresql
  • ElasticSearch
  • Redis
  • Memcached (production)


  1. Setup your environment.


  2. Update .env file with valid data.

  3. Start Foreman.

    foreman start

  4. Verify that the app is up and running.

    open http://localhost:3018/healthcheck

Load database

Check out wiki article on the subject, or get a recent database snapshot.

Performing daily updates

These are run hourly by a background worker UpdatesSynchronizerWorker.

Sync process

  • checking failures (check tariff_synchronizer.rb) - if any of updates failed in the past, sync process will not proceed
  • downloading missing files up to Date.today (check base_update.rb and download methods in taric_update.rb and chief_update.rb)
  • applying downloaded files (applying measures, etc. TARIC first, then CHIEF)

Updates are performed in portions and protected by redis lock (see TariffSynchronizer#apply).

BaseUpdate#apply is responsible for most of the logging/checking job and running import! methods located in Taric/ChiefUpdate classes. Then it runs TaricImporter and ChiefImporter to parse and store xml/csv files.

Whole process is quite similar for both TARIC and CHIEF, but CHIEF updates undergo a tranformation transformation process to convert them into a TARIC format. Check ChiefTransformer class for more info (and ChiefUpdate#import!).

In case of any errors, changes (per single update) are roll-backed and record itself is marked as failed. The sync would need to be rerun after a rollback.


We deploy to cloud foundry, so you need to have the CLI installed, and the following cf plugin installed:

Download the plugin for your os: https://github.com/contraband/autopilot/releases

chmod +x autopilot-(YOUR_OS)
cf install-plugin autopilot-(YOUR_OS)

Set the following ENV variables:

  • CF_ORG
  • CF_APP

Then run


NB: In the newer Diego architecture from CloudFoundry, no-route skips creating and binding a route for the app, but does not specify which type of health check to perform. If your app does not listen on a port, for example the sidekiq worker, then it does not satisfy the port-based health check and Cloud Foundry marks it as crashed. To prevent this, disable the port-based health check with cf set-health-check APP_NAME none.


  • When writing validators in app/validators please run the rake task audit:verify which runs the validator against existing data.


Please check out the Contributing guide


Trade Tariff is licenced under the MIT licence