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Transformation Dashboard

This small site is built using Jekyll

govuk_frontend_toolkit submodule

The app uses the govuk_frontend_toolkit as a Git submodule. Depending on your version of Git, you may need to run these commands to bring in the toolkit:

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

The toolkit lives here: /_assets_pipeline/govuk_toolkit/

To update the toolkit to the latest release, $ git submodule foreach git pull origin master Then add and commit with a useful message like "Updating toolkit"


Also using the govuk_template. Please see the within /_layouts/ for more info on integrating the template.

Getting up and running locally

Check out the repo, and make sure the toolkit submodule is present (see above).

Install the various dependencies with Bundler - $ bundle install

Start the app: $ jekyll serve --watch

This will compile the site and serve it on http://localhost:4000/transformation/ - any changes (apart from _config.yml) will be compiled without restarting the server. See the Jekyll docs for more.

Release process sits within the Design Principles app (, so design principles is what you will ultimately be deploying.

Make sure transformation-dashboard master is up to date and correct locally

Make sure design-principles is up to date locally with a git pull origin master

Within transformation-dashboard

Within your transformation-dashboard master branch, run the ./ script

Make sure transformation-dashboard tags are up to date locally: git pull --tags origin master

List those tags to find your new version number: git tag

Tag the transformation-dashboard repo with your new version: git tag version-xx

Push your new tag: git push --tags origin master

Within design-principles

Now cd into design-principles and git status - you should see the /transformation files ready for staging

Checkout onto a new local branch with git checkout -b name-of-your-branch

git add . then commit. Your commit messge within design-principles should look something like this:

Transformation dashboard #version-xx <-- the version number you just tagged in transformation-dashboard

* Updated waste carrier to Beta <-- list the major changes in your update <-- add a comparison between your new version and the previous one

Now (still in design-principles) git push origin name-of-your-branch - this triggers a build on preview