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Managing mappings (eg redirects) for sites moving to GOV.UK.
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Bump GDS API adapters to 20.1.1
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app Fix generation of links to remove individual filters
bin Add Rails 4 binstubs to project
config Update the whitelist and support request email address
data Keep the (empty) data directory in the repo
db Remove orphaned organisations
doc Update README and analytics ingestion notes
features Test analytics via auto-track-event module
lib Note that org slugs are still used for importing sites
log Post-'rails new'
public Make error pages work without authentication
spec Remove code for manually updating organisation slugs
vendor Fix choosing a date from category hits graph pages
.editorconfig Editor config support
.gitignore Keep the (empty) data directory in the repo
.notmodules.yaml Rename data/redirector to data/transition-config
.rspec Install RSpec
.ruby-version Upgrade to Ruby 2.1.4
Gemfile Bump GDS API adapters to 20.1.1
Gemfile.lock Bump GDS API adapters to 20.1.1
LICENSE Add license
Procfile Add basic worker for processing mappings Add dependencies to README
Rakefile Add Jasmine tests to default rake task Post-'rails new' Check if there are conflicts on master when running the build Set up Jenkins branch building Roll up rake tasks into one for speed Add


Rails app for managing the transition of websites to GOV.UK. Specifically, it's for the production of and handling of mappings for use with Bouncer.


  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL 9.3+ (the app uses materialized views, which were introduced in 9.3)
    • To get PostgreSQL 9.3 in the development VM, build a new one on Trusty with govuk_dev_dist=trusty vagrant up.

Running the app

The web application itself is run like any other Rails app, for example:

script/rails s

In development, you can run sidekiq to process background jobs:

bundle exec sidekiq -C config/sidekiq.yml

Style guide

Available at /style, the guide documents how transition is using bootstrap, where the app has diverged from default styles and any custom styles needed to fill in the gaps.

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