Minimise use of HTTP status codes [60348822] #66

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fofr commented Nov 14, 2013
  • Change HTTP status to a Type column on mappings, with redirects and archives
  • Improve legibility of mappings table
  • Move edit column to right to match hits, and change link to a button
  • Cleanup edit/add mapping form
  • Favour types over status codes in edit mapping form
  • On hits, use an abbreviation to explain the status code
fofr added some commits Nov 13, 2013
@fofr @fofr fofr Style redirect link differently
* Make the redirect target on mappings grey to aid scanning the
mappings list
* It also declutters the list and makes it clear which part is
responsible for the mapping
* Grey matches existing redirect text
@fofr @fofr fofr Replace HTTP status codes with words
* 301 is now Redirect, 410 is Archive
* Move edit link to right hand column, aligned with add mapping button
and the check mapping option on hits
* Make edit link a button
* Rename HTTP status column to type
* Add the same redirect/archive colour coding as used on hits to
distinguish mapping types
@fofr @fofr fofr Fix margin helper class
* Use the right margin property
@fofr @fofr fofr Rename mappings title to include hostname
* Matches new sites table
@fofr @fofr fofr Update mapping form to use words not codes
* Use the same terminology as the mappings page, but keep the HTTP
meanings for the more technical
* Use bootstrap form pattern to clarify path field
* Rename label to Old URL now the form is clearer
* Distinguish between saving and creating on the form button
* Include helpful placeholders
@fofr @fofr fofr Explain HTTP code in abbreviation
* Mitigate some of the confusion about hit status codes by including
the default meaning as a title attribute
@fofr @fofr fofr Correct vertical spacing of mapping form a92e888
@fofr @fofr fofr Remove HTTP status from mappings form
* Update corresponding tests
rgarner commented Nov 14, 2013

This looks very nice, especially the matching colour coding. The only thing that worries me about it is that we do use HTTP status codes in Analytics / Hits and now users with no HTTP experience don't have any way of making the mental connection that 410 means Archive or 301 means Redirect.

fofr commented Nov 14, 2013

Except that all archives are in a block under the heading "Archives", or under a tab named "Archives". Although this isn't the case on the All tab.

I accept this isn't ideal. One option is to remove that column altogether from the categories, with the exception of Other, a section which isn't proving useful and could be removed.

@jamiecobbett jamiecobbett commented on the diff Nov 15, 2013
<% else %>
- <%= f.label :path %>
- http://<%= @site.default_host.hostname %><%= f.text_field :path, class: 'span8' %>
+ <%= f.label :path, 'Old URL', class: 'add-top-margin' %>
+ <div class="input-prepend add-bottom-margin">
+ <span class="add-on">http://<%= @site.default_host.hostname %></span>
jamiecobbett Nov 15, 2013 Contributor

Loving this :)

@jamiecobbett jamiecobbett commented on the diff Nov 15, 2013
<%= breadcrumb(@site) %>
-<h1 class="page-header"><%= @site.abbr %> Mappings</h1>
+<h1 class="page-header"><%= @site.default_host.hostname %> Mappings</h1>
jamiecobbett Nov 15, 2013 Contributor

Will we change the title to match this in the breadcrumb when we change the title of the Hits page?


Regarding @rgarner's comment about the Mappings and Hits tables now being inconsistent, I agree that it isn't ideal, but is acceptable given that @fofr is planning to rework the Hits pages imminently. On that basis I'm going to merge as-is.

@jamiecobbett jamiecobbett merged commit b62abe8 into master Nov 15, 2013
@jamiecobbett jamiecobbett deleted the consistent-mapping-terminology branch Nov 15, 2013
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