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title: GOV.UK Verify technical documentation
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# GOV.UK Verify technical documentation
Use this technical documentation to find out how to:
- connect your service to GOV.UK Verify
- maintain your live connection
To help you plan your work, you can read about the [technical steps involved in connecting][development-steps].
If you want to find out more about the technologies GOV.UK Verify uses, you can read about:
- the [open standard enabling secure information exchange][saml] and the [Verify message flow][message-flow]
- [how trust is established between GOV.UK Verify entities][pki]
You can read non-technical information about GOV.UK Verify on the [product page].
If you are running GOV.UK Verify as part of your live service, you must ensure that you:
* [update your encryption and signing keys][rotate-keys] when needed
* keep your [Verify Service Provider][vsp-release] up to date
You can keep up to date with the [status of GOV.UK Verify][status] by subscribing to updates.
[Contact us][support] if you have any questions or feedback.
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