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Commits on May 21, 2015
  1. @fofr

    Merge pull request #2192 from alphagov/fix-external-link-icon-in-tables

    fofr authored
    Use 14px external links in HTML publication table
  2. @fofr

    Merge pull request #2193 from alphagov/stats-tabs-width

    fofr authored
    Prevent statistics tabs from causing horizontal scroll
  3. @fofr

    Prevent tabs from causing horizontal scroll

    fofr authored
    Using 100% width with padding will cause an element to grow larger than
    its container.
    At smaller browser widths this causes horizontal scrolling.
    Use border-box so the padding is taken into account when calculating
    the full width.
  4. @fofr

    Use 14px external links in HTML publication table

    fofr authored
    Default external link icon was for a larger font-size and caused the
    icon to sit below the baseline.
  5. @fofr

    Remove trailing whitespace

    fofr authored
  6. @elliotcm
  7. @edds

    Merge pull request #2188 from alphagov/only-show-orgs-once

    edds authored
    Only show Worldwide Orgs once in the dropdown
  8. @elliotcm
  9. @edds

    Only show Worldwide Orgs once in the dropdown

    edds authored
    Worldwide orgs that have more than one translation were showing up for
    every translation they had. This ensures we only get the current locale
    for each org rather than every translation they have available.
  10. @elliotcm
  11. @elliotcm

    Fix a bug in supporting page conversion code.

    elliotcm authored
    This lead to any supporting page which used
    `InlineAttachment` in its code to have the final
    attachment inserted instead of the intended one
    when generating the policy papers.
    This migration is unlikely to be run again but the
    code may be reused, possibly to regenerate the
    policy papers, hence the fix.
    The 42 supporting pages affected were:
Commits on May 20, 2015
  1. @elliotcm

    Display related policies on policy group pages.

    elliotcm authored
    These existed on the page before, and need restoring.
  2. @edds

    Merge pull request #2187 from alphagov/remove-topic-metadata

    edds authored
    Remove topics from metadata
  3. @boffbowsh

    Merge pull request #2126 from alphagov/courts-publishing

    boffbowsh authored
    Reinstate Courts and Tribunals publishing with correct URLs
  4. @boffbowsh

    Merge pull request #2186 from alphagov/add-instagram-to-social-media-…

    boffbowsh authored
    Add icon for Instagram Social Media accounts
Commits on May 19, 2015
  1. @edds

    Remove topics from metadata

    edds authored
    Since the renaming of policies to make them more generic we have been
    seeing people get confused between policies and topics. This removes
    topics from the metadata on documents so that people won't get confused.
    This also follows the pattern which is to eventually get rid of topics.
  2. @boffbowsh

    Add icon for Instagram Social Media accounts

    boffbowsh authored
    Migrate all "Other" Social Media accounts entitled "Instagram" to use the new icon
  3. @boffbowsh

    Merge pull request #2185 from alphagov/courts-messaging-change

    boffbowsh authored
    Make Courts/Tribunals messaging consistent with other organisations
  4. @fofr

    Merge pull request #2184 from alphagov/contents-obscured

    fofr authored
    Bump shared_mustache gem
  5. @boffbowsh

    Make Courts/Tribunals messaging consistent with other organisations

    boffbowsh authored
    Currently courts/tribunals have their "What we do" heading replaced with "Who we are". This reverts that, making it consistent with normal organisations.
  6. @fofr

    Bump shared_mustache gem

    fofr authored
    Bump gem to 0.2.1 to pickup fix for headings with “Exports” breaking
  7. @tekin

    Merge pull request #2183 from alphagov/dont-catch-errors

    tekin authored
    Dont catch publish_to_publishing_api errors
  8. @boffbowsh

    Merge pull request #2181 from alphagov/fix_stats_deduper

    boffbowsh authored
    Fix dedupe_stats script after friendly_id upgrade.
  9. @edds

    Merge pull request #2180 from alphagov/policy-without-description

    edds authored
    Remove descriptions from lists of policies
  10. @danielroseman @boffbowsh

    Fix dedupe_stats script after friendly_id upgrade.

    danielroseman authored boffbowsh committed
    Script was relying on the previous behaviour of automatically searching
    friendly IDs with `find`. Update to use the more explicit `find_by`.
Commits on May 18, 2015
  1. @tekin

    Update cucumber-rails and regenerate config

    tekin authored
    Only superficial changes to the generated files and minor version updates to
    cucumber and cucumber-rails
  2. @tekin

    Move custom cucumber setup out of env.rb

    tekin authored
    As the comments at the top of the file states, this file is generated by
    cucumber-rails and shouldn't really be edited, otherwise it is not safe to
    regenerate the file for newer versions of cucumber-rails. Therefor it is better
    to keep cucumber-related setup, helpers and filters elsewhere.
  3. @tekin

    Don't create world location in global filter

    tekin authored
    A world location was being created for every single feature, when it is only
    really needed for those that involve editing contacts. This makes the creation
    of the dependent location explicit in those features that require it.
    This was causing an exception to be raised because of cucumber is
    evaluating features/support/env.rb before features/support/publishing_api.rb,
    which means the calls to Publishing API have not been stubbed in time for the
    create(:world_location) call. This was previously working because ActiveRecord
    suppressed errors raised in after_commit callbacks prior to version 4.2.
  4. @tekin

    Don't rescue all publish_async errors

    tekin authored
    Prior to Rails 4.2, ActiveRecord would suppress errors raised in after_rollback
    or after_commit callbacks and only print them to the logs. Rails 4.2 no longer
    does this. Instead of replicating the old behaviour, which will mask bugs, we
    opt-in to the new behaviour and fix the bugs that were previously being masked.
  5. @boffbowsh

    Merge pull request #2182 from alphagov/pin-sassc-rails

    boffbowsh authored
    Pin sassc-rails to current ref
  6. @boffbowsh

    Merge pull request #2174 from alphagov/remove-court-of-from-not-live-…

    boffbowsh authored
    Don't show parent organisation for not-live Courts
  7. @boffbowsh
  8. @edds

    Remove descriptions from lists of policies

    edds authored
    New style policies don't have short descriptions like the old ones used
    to have. This means the pages don't look great with the descriptions
    visible. Also we have now switched to showing more policies in these
    lists so a shorter list is preferable.
    Remove a `overflow:hidden` as it was previously used to contain floats.
    The only element with the element which has any floated elements also
    has our float clear fix so it was redundant and caused the top of some
    of the text to be chopped off.
  9. @elliotcm
  10. @elliotcm
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