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tekin commented Jan 6, 2015

This does a bunch of low-risk gem updates. Mainly stuff that is dev/test-mode only, and other gems that me and @jackscotti determined were low-risk to update.

More gem updates will follow separately. A full audit of the outdated gems can be found here.

tekin added some commits Jan 6, 2015
@tekin tekin Remove unused gem from Gemfile
We don't explicitly use the slop gem any more (although it is still an implicit
dependency of rubocop)
@tekin tekin Update low-risk non-production gems
This updates the following gems:

better_errors, cucumber-rails, database_cleaner, equivalent-xml, json-schema,
launchy, newrelic_rpm, parallel_tests, quiet_assets, rubocop, ruby-prof,
simplecov, thin, timecop, simplecov-html, webmock, capybara and mocha.

These were deemed to be low-risk as they are (mostly) development and test mode
@tekin tekin Update factory girl gem
The `ignore` directive has been deprecated and replaced with `transient`.
@tekin tekin Update low-risk gems
These gems were deemed to be a low risk to update so have been done in one go:

addressable, carrierwave, isbn_validation, link_header, logstasher, mysql2,
plek, rummageable, shared_mustache, strong_parameters, transitions, typhoeus,
validates_email_format_of, whenever.

A slight tweak was required due to a change in the error message produced by
@tekin tekin Upgrade kaminari gem
This isn't the latest version (that's 1.16.1) but there were issues with tests
that use the NotQuiteAsFakeSearch class with that version. Deferring dealing
with that for another time.
alext commented Jan 6, 2015

👍 looks good to me.

@tekin tekin merged commit 694ee7f into master Jan 6, 2015

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@tekin tekin deleted the gem-update branch Jan 6, 2015
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