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Delete policy groups frontend parts #2526

merged 2 commits into from Apr 18, 2016
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1 change: 0 additions & 1 deletion app/assets/stylesheets/frontend/base.scss
Expand Up @@ -117,7 +117,6 @@
@import "views/_operational-field";
@import "views/_organisations";
@import "views/_people";
@import "views/_policy_groups";
@import "views/_publications";
@import "views/_search";
@import "views/_services-and-information";
Expand Down
51 changes: 0 additions & 51 deletions app/assets/stylesheets/frontend/views/_policy_groups.scss

This file was deleted.

8 changes: 3 additions & 5 deletions app/controllers/policy_groups_controller.rb
Expand Up @@ -4,14 +4,12 @@ def index

def show
# Routes matching /policy/[ID] still fall through to Whitehall rather than
# government-frontend. We redirect them.
# Return 301 and redirect in case a URL uses the group's ID rather than slug
@policy_group = PolicyGroup.friendly.find(params[:id])

#return 301 and redirect in case a URL uses the group's ID rather than slug
if params[:id] != @policy_group.to_param
redirect_to @policy_group, status: :moved_permanently
@policies = @policy_group.published_policies
62 changes: 0 additions & 62 deletions app/views/policy_groups/show.html.erb

This file was deleted.

1 change: 1 addition & 0 deletions config/routes.rb
Expand Up @@ -142,6 +142,7 @@ def external_redirect(path_prefix, target)
resources :ministerial_roles, path: 'ministers', only: [:index, :show], localised: true
resources :people, only: [:index, :show], localised: true

# TODO: Remove `:show` when policy group paths can be otherwise generated
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resources :policy_groups, path: 'groups', only: [:index, :show]
resources :operational_fields, path: 'fields-of-operation', only: [:index, :show]
get 'world/organisations/:organisation_id/office' => redirect('/world/organisations/%{organisation_id}')
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6 changes: 3 additions & 3 deletions features/policy-groups.feature
Expand Up @@ -20,10 +20,10 @@ Feature: Policy groups
Given I am an editor

Scenario: Policy groups have their own page
Scenario: Policy groups appear in the public index
Given a policy group "ABC Advisories" exists
When I visit the policy group "ABC Advisories"
Then I should see the policy group "ABC Advisories"
When I visit the policy group index
Then I should see the policy group "ABC Advisories" in the index

Given a policy group "Panel" exists
Expand Down
8 changes: 3 additions & 5 deletions features/step_definitions/policy_group_steps.rb
Expand Up @@ -2,17 +2,16 @@
create(:policy_group, name: group_name)

Then /^I should see the policy group "([^"]*)"$/ do |group_name|
Then /^I should see the policy group "([^"]*)" in the index$/ do |group_name|
assert page.has_text?(group_name)

Then /^I should see a link to the policy group "([^"]*)"$/ do |group_name|
assert page.has_css?('a', text: group_name)

When /^I visit the policy group "([^"]*)"$/ do |group_name|
group = PolicyGroup.where(name: group_name).first
visit policy_group_path(group)
When /^I visit the policy group index$/ do
visit policy_groups_path

When /^I delete the policy group "([^"]*)"$/ do |group_name|
Expand All @@ -33,5 +32,4 @@
group = PolicyGroup.find_by(name: group_name)
attachment = upload_pdf_to_policy_group(group)
insert_attachment_markdown_into_policy_group_description(attachment, group)
check_attachment_appears_on_policy_group(attachment, group)
5 changes: 0 additions & 5 deletions features/support/policy_group_helper.rb
Expand Up @@ -11,11 +11,6 @@ def insert_attachment_markdown_into_policy_group_description(attachment, group)
fill_in 'Description', with: group.description.to_s + "\n\n" + markdown
click_button 'Save'

def check_attachment_appears_on_policy_group(attachment, group)
visit policy_group_path(group)
assert page_has_attachment?(attachment)

26 changes: 0 additions & 26 deletions test/functional/policy_groups_controller_test.rb
@@ -1,32 +1,6 @@
require 'test_helper'
require "gds_api/test_helpers/rummager"

class PolicyGroupsControllerTest < ActionController::TestCase
include GdsApi::TestHelpers::Rummager

setup do

test "show sets meta description" do
policy_group = create(:policy_group, summary: 'my meta description')

get :show, id: policy_group

assert_equal 'my meta description', assigns(:meta_description)

view_test "should display the group's policies" do
policy_group = create(:policy_group)

get :show, id: policy_group

assert_select ".policies" do
assert_select "a[href='/government/policies/welfare-reform']", text: "Welfare reform"

test "should redirect to the slug URL if a policy id is provided" do
policy_group = create(:policy_group)

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