Add new "force publish anything" permission #401

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This allows any user the ability to force publish any edition. Note that it doesn't escalate any other permissions, so they still can't see anything they wouldn't normally be allowed to see. This is intended to be added to the user account used by the force publisher for imports who doesn't need to be able to login and do things, just force publish everything in an import batch. There's a data migration that adds this permission to that user.



test_validation_errors_when_reordering_features_are_propogated failed, but that test seems flakey (it failed on another unrelated branch as well).


Rebasing (NOTE: that test doesn't fail locally).

h-lame added some commits Mar 27, 2013
@h-lame h-lame Add new permission to allow force publishing anything
In the edition rules, if the action is force_publish and the actor can_force_publish_anything? return true immediately.  This is so that the robot account used during force publish process for an import is able to force publish stuff.  I didn't want to add a full on "can do anything" permission, hence the limited scope of this.
@h-lame h-lame Add force publish anything to the user used by the force publisher 5f0ebd0
@heathd heathd merged commit 5b36b37 into master Apr 2, 2013

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