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AlphaLemon CMS

Welcome to the AlphaLemon CMS a Content Management System Application, built on top of Symfony2 and Twitter Bootstrap frameworks.

AlphaLemon CMS is designed to provide an easy an intuitive user-interface, to improve the website's content management experience.

Build Status


  • PHP 5.3+
  • Symfony 2.3.*+
  • Propel 1.6+

Install AlphaLemon CMS

To install AlphaLemon CMS you just need to download the AlphaLemon CMS Sandbox and follow the intructions that comes with the sandbox itself.

If you want to install AlphaLemon CSM for an existing application or from the scratch, just read the AlphaLemon CMS install chapter

Start AlphaLemon CMS

To browse your site, simply open a browser and point to http://localhost or whatever your domain is.

To work with AlphaLemon CMS simply point to http://localhost/alcms.php/backend/login

You may debug your application using the alcms_dev.php environment: http://localhost/alcms_dev.php/backend/login

The page is blank

If you encounter a blank web page, something went wrong. To understand what's appened, you could open the same page in the _dev environment or open the alcms.php and change the following row from:

$kernel = new AppKernel('alcms', false);


$kernel = new AppKernel('alcms', true);


You can read AlphaLemon CMS official documentation at

AlphaLemon CMS documentation repository lives at github.


If you require support you can ask for help at AlphaLemon CSM users forum.

If you want to collaborate, just introduce yourself at AlphaLemon CSM developers forum.

Stay in touch

AlphaLemon CMS is present on major social networks:

Follow @alphalemoncms on Twitter for the latest news

Like AlphaLemon CMS at Facebook

Connect with AlphaLemon CMS at Google+

Notes for windows users

AlphaLemon CMS has been written on a linux system machine, so you might encounter some small issues when you work on a windows machine:

  • assetic:dump command might return an error
  • Skin problems

None of those problems breaks the usability of AlphaLemon CMS. If you are a windows user and you want to fix them on your own, fork the repository, do the fixes then ask for a pull request: it would be really appreciated! :)