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AlphaLemon CMS Sandbox

Welcome to the AlphaLemon CMS Sandbox - a fully-functional Symfony2 application, powered by AlphaLemon CMS, that you can use as the skeleton for your new app.

This document contains information on how to download and start using AlphaLemon CMS.

Build Status


From your console run the following command:

git clone


Setup the permissions on the installation folder as explained in the symfony2 setup and configuration tutorial

Vendor libraries installation

This step is required only if you are using the "without vendors" sandbox

Once you've downloaded and uncompressed the AlphaLemon CMS Sandbox, just open a console, move to the root folder and give the following command to download composer and install the required vendor libraries:

curl -s | php
php composer.phar install

AlphaLemon CMS setup

AlphaLemonCMS requires several steps to be accomplished to properly setup the CMS itself. Luckily the AlphaLemonCmsInstallerBundle will do all the job for you, providing a web installer interface or an interactive symdony2 command to install AlphaLemonCMS.

Installing from the console

Installing AlphaLemonCMS from the console is really easy:

app/console alphalemon:install-cms

This will run the interactive command. Provide the required information and you are done! Point your browser at


to start using AlphaLemonCMS.

Installing using the web interface

To Install AlphaLemonCMS using the web interface, just point your browser at:


Provide the required information and you are done!


AlphaLemonCms is secured by default and a new user is created when the application is installed:

username: admin
password: admin

enter the credentials above to signin.


You can read AlphaLemon CMS official documentation at

AlphaLemon CMS documentation repository lives at github.


If you require support you can ask for help at AlphaLemon CSM users forum.

If you want to collaborate, just introduce yourself at AlphaLemon CSM developers forum.

Stay in touch

AlphaLemon CMS is present on major social networks:

Follow @alphalemoncms on Twitter for the latest news

Like AlphaLemon CMS at Facebook

Connect with AlphaLemon CMS at Google+

Notes for windows users

AlphaLemon CMS has been written on a linux system machine, so you might encounter some small issues when you work on a windows machine:

  • assetic:dump command might return an error
  • Skin problems

None of those problems breaks the usability of AlphaLemon CMS. If you are a windows user and you want to fix them on your own, fork the repository, do the fixes then ask for a pull request: it would be really appreciated! :)