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Automatically expand certain Org headings
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This package automatically expands certain headings in an Org file depending on properties set, making it easy to always get the same initial view when finding a file.



Installing with Quelpa is easy:

  1. Install quelpa-use-package (which can be installed directly from MELPA).
  2. Add this form to your init file:
(use-package org-auto-expand
  :quelpa (org-auto-expand :fetcher github :repo "alphapapa/org-auto-expand"))


Install these required packages:

  • dash

Then put org-auto-expand.el in your load-path, and put this in your init file:

(require 'org-auto-expand)


  1. Define auto-expansion settings in an Org file (see below).
  2. Run org-auto-expand to set visibility accordingly. You may do this automatically in a file with a file- or dir-local variable. See examples.
  • The global minor mode org-auto-expand-mode automatically applies expansion settings when visiting Org files.
  • To start with all entries folded, set the variable org-startup-folded as desired, or use the #+STARTUP keyword.
  • To reset to startup visibility before expanding entries, call org-auto-expand with a prefix argument. This is especially useful when expanding on-demand rather than at file-visit time.

Auto-expansion Settings

Auto-expansion settings may be set in two ways: with Org properties on headings, and with the file- or dir-local variable org-auto-expand-nodes.


Set the auto-expand property on a node to a list of one or more of these values:

  • heading: Show just the heading.
  • body: Show the heading and its body, but not its children.
  • children: Show the heading’s children, but not its body.
  • A number N: Show child headings N levels deep.
  • A symbol that org-show-context accepts as an argument.

For example, in this Org file:

* Daily tasks
:auto-expand: body 1

Things to do every day.

** Check email
** Walk dog

* Weekly tasks

Things to do every week.

** Check tire pressure
** Attempt to walk cat

After running org-auto-expand, you would see:

* Daily tasks

Things to do every day.

** Check email
** Walk dog

* Weekly tasks...

Variable org-auto-expand-nodes

The variable org-auto-expand-nodes may be set as file-local or dir-local (e.g. using command add-file-local-variable). It should be an alist, the key of which should be an Org outline path (a list of heading strings corresponding to a node’s hierarchy), and the value of which should be one of the values accepted by the auto-expand property. The corresponding example, which also calls org-auto-expand automatically:

# Local Variables:
# org-auto-expand-nodes: ((("Daily tasks") body 1))
# eval: (org-auto-expand)
# End:



Initial release.


Bug reports, feature requests, suggestions — oh my!



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