Lightweight, simplistic dashboard to monitor web services, CI and applications
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This is a tiny pure JS/HTML/CSS app for monitoring third party services, integrating with CI, London metro or whatever you like and displaying it on your wall!


  • No deployment: JS only
  • Five visual states for services
  • Plays the inception sound if a service fails
  • Polls server every 20 seconds
  • Non-blocking
  • Good for displaying on a flatscreen TV


Service States

  • Green: up and running
  • Red: service is misbehaving
  • Polling service: making HTTP request to a status api/page
  • Pending: good for CI build/test process
  • Unknown: HTTP request to a status page/api has failed


Due to security reasons browsers do not allow cross-domain AJAX requests, therefore you have to configure your browser accordingly. Please do so at your own risk!


Seems to work by default.


You will have to disable web security. Pass -disable-web-security when starting chrome. Eg. in OS X:

open /Applications/Google\ --args -disable-web-security

Other Browsers

Haven't tested yet. Please report in Issues if you can get it running on other browsers.

Monitored Services

  • Heroku Apps
  • Heroku Tools
  • Amazon EC2 N.Virginia (Heroku lives there)
  • MongoHQ Rose
  • Mongolab DB
  • Pusher App
  • Rackspace Email
  • Github
  • Cloudmailin
  • Exceptional
  • London Underground Jubilee line (!)
  • Twilio
  • Plex
  • SickBeard
  • Couch Potato
  • SABnzbd

Monitoring other services

It is very easy to add any service you want. Just add another service to the services.js file. Here's a helpful example:

  name: 'Some Cool Apps',                 // will be displayed in the view
  url: '', // url to call
  dataType: "json",                       // optional. datatype to set in http header
  username: 'jamesbond',                  // optional. http basic auth username
  password: 'secret007',                  // optional. http basic auth password

                                          // a function to parse the response.
                                          // must return true, false or "pending"
  status: function(response) {            // In case of HTML response jQuery can be used
    return JSON.parse(response)["status"] == "ok";

Monitoring Jenkins CI

Example of how to monitor Jenkins CI. Will display grey icon while building

  name: 'Jenkins',
  url: '',
  username: 'jenkinsuser',
  password: 'someweirdpassword',
  dataType: "json",
  status: function(response) {
      return "pending";
    return response["result"].toLowerCase() == "success";

You shouldn't need to touch app.js at all.

HTTPS URLs using self-signed certificates

You may want to monitor an HTTPS service that uses a self-signed certificate. Your browser will abort request unless you trust that certificate. To do so, open the service's URL in your browser, and accept whatever security exception your browser requires.


You should modify src/screen.sass. To compile it to css just run sass src/screen.sass stylesheets/screen.css in a project directory. You can also modify stylesheets/screen.css directly if you can't use sass for some serious reason.


Please make pull requests with useful services to monitor, SASS/CSS styles, new fancy sounds or any other cool features.


John Griffin, Tor Erik Linnerud, Tadas Tamosauskas

Icons: Glyphish free icon set