Google Go Client and Connectors for Redis
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Go Clients and Connectors for Redis.

The initial release provides the interface and implementation supporting the (~) full set of current Redis commands using synchrnous call semantics. (Pipelines and asychronous goodness using the goroutines and channels is next.)

Hope to add rigorous tests as soon as I have a better understanding of the Go language tools. Same applies to the makefile.
Also am not sure regarding the efficiency of the implementation (for the obvious reasons), but definitely a goal is to make this a high performance connector.


The code is consolidated into a single 'redis' package and various elements of it are usable independently (for example if you wish to roll your own API but want to use the raw bytes protocol handling aspects).


Both Go and Redis are dynamic projects and present a challenge in fully covering the possible combinations in the wild. Given the release of Go 1, this project will focus on Go 1 based Redis compatibility; we'll deal with the far off prospect of renewed major weekly changes in Go if and when that arises.

Current status is compatible with Redis 2.4.n (2.4.9 tested) and Go 1. Redis feature set is not fully covered and is WIP.

(Always refer to compliance_note.txt for current (accurate) status for specific branches.)

Getting started:

Get, build, and startup Redis:

chmod +x redis-server
./redis-server redis.conf


alphazero[13]:entrevous$ telnet localhost 6379
Trying ::1...
telnet: connect to address ::1: Connection refused
Trying fe80::1...
telnet: connect to address fe80::1: Connection refused
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.



Connection closed by foreign host.

get, and install, Go-Redis

Go-Redis is built using the Go tool. The tool assumes the code will be in a folder $GOPATH/src/redis .

cd $GOPATH/src
git clone git:// redis
cd redis
go install

Confirm the install has created redis.a in your $GOPATH/pkg/ folder:

ls -l $GOPATH/pkg/"$GOOS"_"$GOARCH"/redis.a

e.g. on my Mac OS X (64b)

ls -l <my-gopath>/pkg/darwin_amd64

run the benchmarks

Basic benchmarks are in ~/bench. Use Go tool (go run ) to run the individual bench apps.

cd bench
# run the asyncbench.go 
go run asyncbench.go


Ciao.go is a sort of hello world for redis and should get you started for the barebones necessities of getting a client and issuing commands.

cd examples
go run ciao.go