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This update includes changes to the JRedis interface, as previously announced.
As of this release update, you will need to specify the password and/or db on connect time.
You will no longer be able to change the selected db for a connection.
The default db selected on connect is db 0.
The test suites are all positive on these changes. (Fairly substantial changes in the internal
connector packages.) That said, I have not had the time to conduct exhaustive testing beyond
the test suites. If you find a bug, please report it under issues in github. If you post to
the Redis newsgroup, please indicate JRedis in the subject line as I usually just skim the
list's subjects and may miss your feedback.
Previous releases had a bug that reconnected to db 0 on timed out connections. Per the changes
in this release, the automatic reconnect will connect to the Redis server using the authorization
credentials (if any), and, the db you specified, on the initial connection (using new JRedisClient()).
Now that we have the db select issue out of the way, the way is clear for connection pooling and
thread safe connections.
Also, the ConnectionFactory interface of the specification may be finally brought into use to allow
for complete user control over the Redis and TCP connection characteristics. (Current implementation
relies on a default ConnectionSpec to create its connection.) This will potentially of use to domains
that require specialized settings for the buffer sizes, tcp preferences, etc.
Pipe-lining is also an upcoming addtion. Frankly its been held back for no better reason other than
my laziness and/or other pressing issues occupying my time. A rough implementation has been played
with and the performance characteristic increases are in the order of magnitude. (100,000 ops/sec vs
30,000 for the synch clients on my machine). Of course these are throughput measures, and not latency.