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Arethusa: Annotation Environment

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Be sure to check out our wiki for design documentation.

Code documentation is in progress - to build the docs run the grunt ngdocs task.


Make sure node.js and ruby is installed.

sudo npm install grunt-cli -g
sudo npm install bower -g

npm install
grunt install

If you want to run the e2e tests also execute grunt e2e:setup.

If you want to install example data execute grunt import.


To display a rough demo start a webserver with

With Docker and Docker Compose

docker-compose build
docker-compose up

Running locally

grunt server


grunt reloading-server

which will also watch any code changes you make and trigger a reload of your browser when needed.

(Optionally pass --port=PORT to these server tasks to start them on a custom port instead of the default, which is 8081)

Testing out the application

A good place to navigate your browser to would be Arethusa's landing page, which you can also visit on of the servers that has Arethusa deployed (Arethusa at Perseids).

If you want to see Arethusa's source code inside your browser unminified, set the environmental variable DEV as in DEV=1 grunt server.

To set up a completely local environment run grunt import to import example data and explore it in a web-browser based file browser at http://localhost:8081/browse.

To build the docs, run grunt ngdocs and then load them in the browser at http://localhost:8081/docs/#/api.


This project has received support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Humboldt Chair of Digital Humanities at Leipzig


Be sure to check out the following Arethusa-related projects: