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Web Develeoper Toolset & Utilities

Tools for doing various webdev related things

These are tools the web developer David Higgins uses frequently. Opinionated toolset. You probably won't use some of these.

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David Higgins is a web developer who contributes all his free time to The Open Web. He expects nothing in return for what he does, and sees any monetary reward as a bonus. With that said, he also runs on Coffee and Beer, which are expensive habits to maintain. So fund him on Gittip, and help David do what he does best.

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★ HTML5 video generator

Generates all the necessary code for HTML5 video, when given only three input values (Width, MP4 URL, and Youtube Video). Uses a Youtube link as a bulletproof fallback.

★ Favicon grabber / cheatsheet

Sometimes you just want a favicon without the fuss. Less importance is being placed on Favicons these days, and we need not care about them that much.

★ Flattr widget generator

Creates markdown for embedding Flattr widgets. Handy for inserting into Github readmes.

★ JJEncoder

Mangles Javascript up very badly. This is a fun programming tool to bewilder anyone who has the misfortune to read your source-code. Not production friendly.

★ Link-list to Markdown convertor

You need a list of links converted to Markdown? This does that.

★ Link list opener

For opening a bunch of links in multiple windows. Handy for splitted archives hosted on Cyberlockers due to their file-upload size limits.

★ JavaScript Packify

You have JavaScript. You need to pack it to a really small size. This does that. Based on Ben Alman's (@cowboy) packer script.

★ Sitemap Generator

You have a list of URLs. You want to generate a sitemap out of them. This does that.

★ Textarea

This is a simple textarea for typing anything you wish. Sometimes we just want a place where we can type.

★ Bookmarklet Generator

You have JavaScript. You need a bookmarklet. This does that..

★ Base64 Encoded URL Convertor

Converts any file you drop on the page into a Base64 Encoded URL

★ Entifier

You have HTML code you want to place in a PRE tag element. You want it entified, so it plays nice with your PRE tag. This does that.

★ CSS Content Property Escaper

If you dislike working with raw Unicode in your text editor, you can use this tool to escape unicode for use in the content: property in CSS.

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