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Alpine Linux security database
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v3.3 v3.3/main: fix various Nov 23, 2017
v3.4 v3.4: various Nov 22, 2018
v3.5 v3.5/main: libao Dec 4, 2018
v3.6 v36: clamav, samba, python3 Apr 22, 2019
v3.7 v3.7: clamav, python3, samba Apr 22, 2019
v3.8 v3.8: various Apr 22, 2019
v3.9 v3.9: glib, php7, jeknins Jun 17, 2019
Makefile add sanity check of generated yaml Mar 6, 2017
README Add initial README Oct 29, 2018
secfixes.lua add v3.9 Mar 1, 2019


Alpine Security Database of Backported fixes

The purpose of this database is to make it possible to know what packages has
backported fixes. It is not a complete database of all security issues in
Alpine, and it should be used in combination with another more complete CVE

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