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Nix (shell) expression for working on GHC
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Simple usage


To enter an environment without cloning this repository you can run:


Building GHC

These commands assume you have cloned this repository to ~/ghc.nix. default.nix has many parameters, all of them optional. You should take a look at default.nix for more details.

$ sed -e '/BuildFlavour = quickest/ s/^#//' mk/ > mk/
$ nix-shell ~/ghc.nix/ --run './boot && ./configure && make -j4'
# works with --pure too

You can alternatively use Hadrian to build GHC:

$ nix-shell ~/ghc.nix/
# from the nix shell:
$ ./boot && ./configure
# example hadrian command: use 4 cores, build a 'quickest' flavoured GHC
# and place all the build artifacts under ./_mybuild/.
$ hadrian/ -j4 --flavour=quickest --build-root=_mybuild
# you could also ask hadrian to boot and configure for you, with -c

# if you have never used cabal-install on your machine, you will likely
# need to run the following before the hadrian command:
$ cabal update

Running ./validate

$ nix-shell ~/ghc.nix/ --pure --run 'THREADS=4 ./validate'

See other flags of validate by invoking ./validate --help or just by reading its source code. Note that ./validate --slow builds the compiler in debug mode which has the side-effect of disabling performance tests.

Building and running for i686-linux from x86_64-linux

It's trivial!

$ nix-shell ~/ghc.nix/ --arg nixpkgs '(import <nixpkgs> {}).pkgsi686Linux'


  • We currently can't just invoke nix-build (#1)
  • We do not support all the cross compilation machinery that head.nix from nixpkgs supports.
  • Some tests actually break with GHCs built with the first command above.
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