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Read midi values from Korg NanoKontrol Version 1 (1st generation products)
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ofxKorgNanoKontrol v1

Korg Nano Kontrol version 1

If your device generation is different, you can give a try

There are differeneces between version 1 and version 2 in terms of MIDI control values. I couldn't make ofxNanoKontrol2 aadon work. So, I created my own addon for version 1 devices.

Currently in development mode. public methods are listed in ofxKorgNanoKontrol.h file.

For now,

int getVal(int _control, int _type = K_TYPE_SLIDER, int _sceneId = K_SCENE_1);

method can be used to get values from Korg Nano Kontrol v1 usb midi device.


There 9x4 sliders, 9x4 potentiometers, 18x4 push buttons and 7 addional buttons to mange scenes and control all of the inputs on Korg Nano Kontrol.

#####So, if you want to get the first slider value _control should be 0 or K_SLIDER_1 as follows;

getVal(0) returns int value from 0 to 127


getVal(K_SLIDER_1) returns int value from 0 to 127

#####if you want to get the tenth(Actually it's the first slider of Scene 2) slider value

_control should be 0, _type should be K_TYPE_SLIDER and _sceneId should be K_SCENE_2 as follows;

getVal(0,K_TYPE_SLIDER,K_SCENE_2) returns int value from 0 to 127


getVal(K_SLIDER_1,K_TYPE_SLIDER,K_SCENE_2) returns int value from 0 to 127

#####if you want to get the first potentiometer value _control should be 0 and _type should be K_TYPE_POT as follows;

getVal(0,K_TYPE_POT) returns int value from 0 to 127


getVal(K_POT_1,K_TYPE_POT) returns int value from 0 to 127


  1. ofxMidi - download the existing tag from

  2. ofxKorgNanoKontrol is developped with of-0.84 and not tested with other releases of openframeworks

  3. If you get failed build messages related with MIDI libs, you should add system CoreMIDI framework. Click here to see how to add.


  1. tests on other platforms
  2. feedbacks from users
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