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Add some simple lightweight vector math lib for communication and simple
common storage.
Add loaders for converting images into heightfield tiles.
Add loaders for loading from flat memory.
Verify data in mesh header is consistent.
It seems that in some files the triangles are considered part of the
header, and included in the header length. The skins then follow the
header, pretty much always. In fact header_len can be treated as skin_start,
which does seem like a more likely interpretation. It may be worth making the
same assumption with the main file header, where header_len is in fact
frame_start. This makes the whole thing look more sane.
Extract normals:
<damien> heres python for decoding normal from a 16bit value
<damien> lat = (latlng >> 8) & 0xFF;
<damien> lng = (latlng) & 0xFF;
<damien> lat *= math.pi/128;
<damien> lng *= math.pi/128;
<damien> x = math.cos(lat) * math.sin(lng)
<damien> y = math.sin(lat) * math.sin(lng)
<damien> z = math.cos(lng)
<damien> retval = [ x, y, z ]
<damien> thats how quake 3 does it apparently
Implement freeing models.
Check for an use sinf and cosf if available.
Freeing mesh in libmd3_mesh_load is bad, because it wasn't allocated
as a mesh.
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