A really simple PHP framework like a template just to start whatever project you like simple and fast.
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sPHPf (Simple PHP Framework)

NOTE: This framework is Outdated please refer to Laravel to find a framework with all this features and much more.


Making your life simple and better.

sPHPf is a PHP 5.3 based framework that allows you to initiate a fast developement to whatever application you're interested using my personal view of MVC implementation.

The point features of this framework is the use of the Twig template manager and RedBean database management. A good feature is also that due to it's simplicity you can always switch between other template engines or database engines in an easy way.

You can obviously see more information of this framework in the webpage. http://sphpf.coldstarstudios.com

How to start building your own app?

To start an app simply copy "my_app" folder wherever you want to starting to build your brand new application. Then point the require to Loader in index.php

// Index.php
use coldstarstudios\framework\Controller;

// Here you have to point to the Autoloader.php the base of any sPHPf based APP
require '../sPHPf/Autoloader.php';

// Load a new instance of the application and load the selected controller with selected action.
Application::start(new Controller('controller\mainController', 'index'));

What's next?

Example Controller

// Remember to add the namespace when you create a new controller
namespace controller;

class mainController extends \Application {

    function index() {
        // This is how you set up vars to use inside your view.
        $this->data['example_var'] = \ExampleVendor\ExampleVendor::EXAMPLE_CONST;
        return new \coldstarstudios\framework\Response('web/index.twig', $this->data);

Example view

{% extends 'templates/base.twig' %}

{% block body %}
    <b>This is a Simple PHP Framework Application</b><br/>
    <a href="{{path}}main/index">Main page</a><br/>
    <a href="{{path}}main/phpView">PHP View page</a><br/>
    <a href="{{path}}test/twig">Page from widget with TWIG</a><br/>
    <a href="{{path}}test/php">Page from widget with PHP</a><br/>
    <a href="{{path}}main/other">Other page</a>
{% endblock %}



Please refer to https://github.com/alrik11es/sPHPf/issues


Please refer to changelog.md


Please refer to license.md

Twig, RedBean and Spyc are used by sPHPf but it's not maintained or builded by us. Please refer to the LICENSE file inside each source code folders or in the code itself.