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RXSD - XSD / Ruby Translator

Copyright (C) 2010 Mohammed Morsi <>

RXSD is made available under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


RXSD is a library that translates XSD XML Schema Definitions into Ruby Classes on the fly. It is able to read XSD resources and use them to define Ruby classes in memory or string class definitions to be written to the filesystem

RXSD implements a full XSD parser that not only defines the various xsd schema classes, parsing them out of a XSD file, but translates them into a meta-class heirarchy, for use in subsequent transformations. The builder interface can easily be extended to output any format one could want including classes in other languages (Python, C++, Java, etc), other XML formats, etc.

RXSD also parses XML conforming to a XSD schema, and instantiates objects corresponding to the XSD classes created. Furthermore, RXSD will work with existing class definitions resulting in a quick way to map XSD to Ruby constructs, letting you define the schema features that you need, and autogenerting handlers to the others.


To install rxsd simply run:

gem install rxsd

Source code is available via:

git clone


require 'lib/rxsd'

xsd_uri = "file:///home/user/schema.xsd"
xml_uri = "file:///home/user/data.xml"

schema = RXSD::Parser.parse_xsd :uri => xsd_uri

puts "=======Classes======="
classes = :ruby_classes
puts classes.collect{ |cl| !cl.nil? ? (cl.to_s + " < " + cl.superclass.to_s) : ""}.sort.join("\n")

puts "=======Tags======="
puts schema.tags.collect { |n,cb| n + ": " + cb.to_s + ": " + (cb.nil? ? "ncb" : cb.klass_name.to_s + "-" + cb.klass.to_s) }.sort.join("\n")

puts "=======Objects======="
data = RXSD::Parser.parse_xml :uri => xml_uri
objs = :ruby_objects, :schema => schema
objs.each {  |obj|
  puts "#{obj}"