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A image service with MongoDB GridFS backend.
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MongoDB Image Server

An image server based mongodb gridfs.


$ go get


Use envionment variables to config this server.

  • PORT0 : port, default is 3000
  • MONGO_ADDR : mongodb address, default is
  • MONGO_DB : mongodb database name
  • MONGO_USER : mongodb authenticate user
  • MONGO_PASS : the user's password

How to Use

  1. While some image files saved at mongodb with gridfs format, you can access this images by URL with this server.

The URL is

  1. You can change image size by url query parameters while access the image file.

The url variables w and h is image's width and height, in pixels.

  1. I wrote a Dockerfile for you, you can make a Docker image, and put it in Kubernetes or Mesos.
$ docker build -t 'mongo-image-server' .
  1. The server includes a health check endpoint for microservice scenario.



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