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Concept2vec Metrics for Evaluating Quality of Embeddings for Ontological Concepts
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Tasks (Random Data Sampling)

Dear all

In this repository we provide the data as well as the source code employed for performing the experiment in the paper entitled “Metrics for Evaluating Quality of Embeddings forOntological Concepts” submitted to ISWC

Please consider We have three primary tasks,

  1. Task1: Categorization aspects
  2. Task2: Hierarchical aspects
  3. Task3: Relational aspects

In the following, we describe the materials:

Tasks Folder:

The raw data which is sample from DBpedia ontology and DBpedia Knowledge graph individually for each task is represented in the three sub-floders named Task 1, Task2 and Task 3

The vectors trained by skip-gram, CBOW, RDF2VEC and GloVe are provided in the following links: •  • 

Code Folder contains python source code employed for computations.

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