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PM2 Explorer README

View and interact with currently running PM2 processes within VSCode. This extension can be installed from within VSCode by searching for pm2 in the extensions view, or via the Visual Studio Marketplace


Adds a PM2 Explorer view that lists current PM2 processes and important details about them. The list is updated at a configurable interval (default 1000ms).

Allows interaction with individual running processes:

  • Start
  • Stop
  • Restart
  • View Logs (in integrated terminal)

And with all running processes:

  • Reload all
  • View all logs
  • Start all processes
  • Stop all processes


PM2 should be installed globally on your machine.

Extension Settings

The following configuration settings are provided by PM2 explorer:

// How frequently (in milliseconds) should the process list update
"pm2Explorer.refreshIntervalMs": 1000

Known Issues

No known issues

Release Notes


  • Restore accidentally removed container icon


  • Re-publish broken CI deployment


  • Improved process icons
  • Configurable refresh interval
  • Added start all and stop all commands
  • Refactor and re-organisation


  • Visual representation of process state


  • Fix errors in readme
  • Add logo


  • Initial release of PM2 Explorer