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Extractable test ids with zero runtime cost.
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Define test ids with zero runtime cost, and extract them to a JSON file.


Install the package using:

yarn install babel-plugin-test-ids

You'll need babel >7.0.0 installed.


There are two parts to this package:

  • A babel plugin
    • Transforms code to replace "magic" test ids with string literals
    • Extracts found test ids to JSON files
  • CLI program
    • Combines extracted test ids into a single file

Babel plugin


The plugin should be added to the plugins array in your babel configuration.

module.exports = {
    plugins: [

There are two available configuration options, both optional.

  • extractTo
    • String, optional, default undefined
    • Folder location to write extracted test ids
    • Relative to current working directory
    • If not defined, no files will be written
  • magicObject
    • String, optional, default $TestId
    • Name of the "magic object" to look for (see below)

Using the magic object

The $TestId magic object can now be used in your code. It can be used in plain JavaScript files, or (subject to appropriate plugins), JSX. Property access will be transformed by the plugin into a string literal containing the name of the value identifier. The value of the injected string literal will then be extracted to a JSON file, in a tree structure matching the original file.

Input (src/test/file.js)

const foo = {
    bar: $TestId.MyTestId

Transformed (src/test/file.js)

const foo = {
    bar: "MyTestId"

Extracted (test-ids/src/test/file.json)



If you're using TypeScript, you'll soon find that usage as above causes build errors, because $TestId is not defined. This can be corrected by declaring a global variable, in (for example) globals.d.ts at the project root.

declare const $TestId: Record<string, string>;


Often it is desirable to have a single "master" file of test ids. This can be generated using the provided glob-test-ids program.

There are two inputs, both required:

  • -i, --ids-location Glob-style location of previously generated extracted test ids
  • -o, --output Location to output master file


    "scripts": {
        "glob": "glob-test-ids -i ./test-ids/src/**/*.json -o ./test-ids/master.json"
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