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<title>Heat in the Streets</title>
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{% for item in metro_list.items %}
<option value="{{item.0}}|{{}},{{}},{{item.1.lng.start}},{{item.1.lng.end}}">{{}}</option>
{% endfor %}
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<div id="footer-expander">About</div>
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Heat In the Streets is a heatmap-style visualization of nightlife in major metropolitan cities. It's uses data from the <a href="">Yelp</a> <a href="">API</a>, and is based on categories associated with businesses. It uses the open-source <a href="">GHeatAE</a> library to generate the heat map tile images. It was created by <a href="">Alex Smolen<a> as a project for the <a href="">Information Organization Lab</a> at the <a href="">UC Berkeley</a> <a href="">School of Information</a>.