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NoPassword is a simple authentication and session engine that removes the need for passwords. Instead, it uses tokens sent to an email address, similar to most forgot password functionality. These tokens created long-lived sessions that can be tracked and revoked easily.

Ben Brown wrote a great article about password-less logins, the same concept implemented by NoPassword.

NoPassword is structured as a Rails Engine, which you can mount in your routes file:

mount Nopassword::Engine, :at => "/nopassword"

You'll need to install the migrations:

rake nopassword:install:migrations
rake db:migrate

You can set up a signin form with the send_login_email route and a request parameter named email.

If you don't already have email configured, create a config/email.yml with your mail server settings.

defaults: &defaults
  email_server_address: [YOUR MAIL SERVER]
  email_port: [YOUR MAIL PORT]
  email_domain: [YOUR MAIL DOMAIN]
  email_username: [YOUR MAIL USERNAME]

 <<: *defaults

 <<: *defaults

 <<: *defaults

NoPassword uses the Passw3rd library to manage email credentials.

mkdir config/passwords
cd config/passwords
passw3rd -g
passw3rd -e email_password
[Enter your email password]

Finally, you need to download the latest GeoIP database:

cd db
wget && gzip -d GeoLiteCity.dat.gz

NoPassword uses the MIT-LICENSE.

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