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Welcome to HDBC, Haskell Database Connectivity.
HDBC is modeled loosely on Perl's DBI interface, though it has also
been influenced by Python's DB-API v2, JDBC in Java, and HSQL in
Please see doc/Database-HDBC.html for an introduction to HDBC and its
various features.
You'll need either GHC 6.4.1 or above, or Hugs 2005xx or above.
The steps to install are:
1) ghc --make -o setup Setup.lhs
2) ./setup configure
3) ./setup build
4) ./setup install (as root)
If you're on Windows, you can omit the leading "./".
Documentation is in doc/ -- lots of information, including pointers to
drivers, is in doc/Database-HDBC.html.
To use with hugs, you'll want to use hugs -98.
To use with GHC, you'll want to use -package HDBC in your programs.
Or, with Cabal, use Build-Depends: HDBC.
-- John Goerzen
December 2005
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