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# Jython For Android

This is a fork of the projects at:

# Developing
  * The primary use case is to run a (J|P)ython app from within an Android App.
  * The Android App will usually just be org.jython_on_android.JythonOnAndroidRunScript.
  * Specify the name of the python file in a bit of metadata in AndroidManifest.xml
  * Build the app
  * Install it
  * Run it
  * Check the log (adb -e logcat) to see if you have errors

# Building
  * Requirements:
    * Java (in your path)
    * Apache Ant (in your path)
    * Android SDK

  * Update
  * run 'ant debug' or 'ant release'

# Installing
  * On an emulator: adb -e install bin/YourApp-debug.apk
  * run 'ant debug' or 'ant release'

# Example Code
  * See src/example/app/hello_world.python

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