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Brief description:
* This is RePast's heatbugs agent simulation that's been sexed up with genetic algorithms, neural networks, etc.
- *
+ * Each bug has a "genotype" that's just a bitstring.
+ * Neural networks are constructed from the genotype.
+ * The genotype or bitstring is parsed in order to generate a list of rules.
+ * The rules are repeatedly applied to a "predicate", or starting, neural network
+ in order to build the neural network the bug uses.
+ * The resulting neural network is used to process inputs to the bug and to produce
+ outputs to move the bug.
== Heatbugs
Simple: each agent should move around to find the spot that gets them the perfect temperature.
* There are a number of heatsources on the grid.
+ * Each heatbug also gives off heat (configurabl).
+ * After a period of time, the Reaper runs and removes bugs from the space.
+ Bugs can get reaped for various reasons:
+ * Not having a nice temperature after their "childhood".
+ * Never having moved during "childhood".
== Build + Run
@@ -22,7 +33,35 @@ You probably don't *need* NetBeans to build it, but I've only ever used NetBeans
== You should try...
+hmm... I should add interesting parameters here...
== Architecture
+ * src/uchicago/src/sim/nnheatBugs/ - this is the simulation and is where everything is controlled.
+ * src/uchicago/src/sim/nnheatBugs/ - this is a bug.
+ * src/uchicago/src/sim/network/ - this is an activation function for a neuron.
+ * src/uchicago/src/sim/network/ - this is a neuron.
+ * src/uchicago/src/sim/network/ - this is a particular type of neuron.
+ * src/uchicago/src/sim/network/ - this is a particular type of neuron.
+ * src/uchicago/src/sim/graphgrammar/* - a giant flail... But the gist is that this
+ is the code that converts genomes -> neural networks... There are a number of ways
+ it can do the conversion...
- *
+ * Heatbug/Agent - the thing that's moving around.
+ * Genotype - a BitString representing the genes of a bug.
+ * Rule - matches a spot on a Matrix and might expand or overlap a set of values on
+ matrix.
+ * Matrix - a (probably sparce) matrix of node-node connections. All inputs are on one
+ side and all outputs are on the other; a value V at (M,N) says that node M is
+ connected to node N with value V.
+ * Structure - this is just a string describing some basic characteristics of
+ a neural net. This was introduced in order to prevent a single neural net
+ from dominating and is used to prevent inbreeding.
+== Warnings
+ * It had been long enough since I'd coded that I'd kinda forgotten about recursion,
+ so the code to apply the grammar to the connection matrix is fabulously
+ complicated.
+ * I recycle frequently used objects to prevent GCs, so you'll see Factory objects for Matrices, etc.

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