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module Turbinado.Database.ORM.Generator (
) where
import Control.Monad
import Data.List
import qualified Data.Map as M
import Data.Maybe
import Database.HDBC
import Config.Master
import Turbinado.Database.ORM.Types
import Turbinado.Database.ORM.Output
import Turbinado.Database.ORM.PostgreSQL
-- | Outputs ORM models to App/Models. User configurable files
-- are in App/Models. Machine generated files are in App/Models/Bases.
generateModels :: IO ()
generateModels = do conn <- fromJust databaseConnection
ts <- getTables conn
-- TODO: Pull in indices
tcs <- foldM (buildTable conn) (M.empty) ts
writeModels tcs
buildTable conn tcs t = do ds <- describeTable conn t
let tcs' = combineDescription t ds tcs
pks <- getPrimaryKeys conn t
let tcs'' = combinePrimaryKeys t pks tcs'
fks <- getForeignKeyReferences conn t
let tcs''' = combineForeignKeyReferences t fks tcs''
hds <- getDefaultColumns conn t
return $ combineDefaultColumns t hds tcs'''
combineDescription t ds tcs = M.insert t (cols, []) tcs
where cols = M.fromList $
map (\(columnName, columnDescription) -> (columnName, (columnDescription,[], False))) ds
combinePrimaryKeys :: TableName -> [ColumnName] -> Tables -> Tables
combinePrimaryKeys t pks tcs = M.adjust (\(c, _) -> (c,pks)) t tcs
combineForeignKeyReferences :: TableName -> [(ColumnName, TableName, ColumnName)] -> Tables -> Tables
combineForeignKeyReferences t fks tcs =
(\(cs, pks) -> (foldl (worker) cs fks, pks))
t tcs
where worker cs (c, tt, tc) = M.adjust (\(cd, deps, hd) -> (cd, [(tt, tc)] `union` deps, hd)) c cs
combineDefaultColumns :: TableName -> [ColumnName] -> Tables -> Tables
combineDefaultColumns t hds tcs =
(\(cs, pks) -> (foldl (worker) cs hds, pks))
t tcs
where worker cs hd = M.adjust (\(cd, deps, _) -> (cd, deps, True)) hd cs
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