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Turbinado is an easy-to-use, fricking fast web application framework for Haskell (and the Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compiler). Naturally, this website is written in Turbinado, so head over to the Git repo to see how easy it is to code websites in Turbinado.

Turbinado is also that yummy, not-so-refined sugar…


Haskell has no easy-to-use web framework. Turbinado is an effort to build one by lazily stealing the best ideas from Ruby On Rails, ASP.NET, etc.


Turbinado gives you all of the benefits of coding in Haskell and adds:

  • A fast HTTP server with static- and dynamic-content serving capabilities;
  • Views built using HTML, HAML or Haskell templating syntax;
  • Automagic recompilation of Controllers, Layouts and Views;
  • A database ORM to make database interaction (especially with PostgreSQL) joyful;
  • A rich set of tags to make designing pages simpler;.

… On The Backs of Giants …

Turbinado wouldn’t be possible without the original work of the following people:

  • The GHC Team for something as insane as Haskell and GHC;
  • Niklas Broberg for Haskell Server Pages, the HSP Runtime, Haskell Source Extensions and Haskell Regular Expressions;
  • Don Stewart for the hs-plugins library;
  • Bjorn Bringert for the HTTP and CGI libraries;
  • John Goerzen for Haskell Database Connectivity.