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#Encode Explorer#

Author / Autor : Marek Rei (marek ät siineiolekala dot net)

Version / Versioon : 6.3

Last change / Viimati muudetud: 23.09.2011

Homepage / Koduleht:

NB!: Comments are in english. Comments needed for configuring are in both estonian and english. If you change anything, save with UTF-8! Otherwise you may encounter problems, especially when displaying images.

NB!: Kommentaarid on inglise keeles. Seadistamiseks vajalikud kommentaarid on eesti ja inglise keeles. Kui midagi muudate, salvestage UTF-8 formaati! Vastasel juhul võivad probleemid tekkida, eriti piltide kuvamisega.


This is free software and it's distributed under GPL Licence.

Encode Explorer is written in the hopes that it can be useful to people. It has NO WARRANTY and when you use it, the author is not responsible for how it works (or doesn't).

The icon images are designed by Mark James ( and distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.


Oma serveriruumi tuleb üles laadida index.php. Avades index.php mõne tekstiredaktoriga, saab faili alguses muuta mitmeid seadeid, nende hulgas uploadi võimalust, kujunduselemente jne. Soovitatav on salvestada UTF-8 formaati!


You have to upload index.php. If you open index.php you can edit several settings. You should make sure the edited file will be saved in UTF-8!

##modified by alswl##

  • support simple chinese
  • fix the director / file mod (default as 755 / 644)