An experimental package to typeset LaTeX in a different way using the coolness of unicode.
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%% File: alttex.dtx by Arno Trautmann, mail: arno dot trautmann at gmx dot de This is an experimental LaTeX package, using the XeTeX engine, some XeLaTeX packages and unicode features to offer a new way of working with LaTeX. Well, that’s exaggerated, but still it might be a nice toy. Read the docmentation by clicking on ”raw“ at the pdf. To compile and use the package, just download the .dtx and compile it with XeLaTeX. Then put the resulting .sty file to a place where TeX finds it. Documentation will be generated, too, but might lack some fonts. Therefore it is offered on github as well.

Any comments are welcome! Contact me: arno dot trautmann at gmx dot de.