A simple SFZ player plugin
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SFZero, the Juce module version

This is a fork of the original SFZero by Steve Folta, with the following changes:

  • has been converted to a Juce module, so you can easily consume it from your own projects (you still get the sample player plugin, but it now includes that module)
  • requires Juce 4.1 or higher
  • supports Juce 4.1 module format
  • now also supports new Juce 4.2 module format (thanks to Loki Davison)
  • conveniently sits within its own sfzero:: namespace
  • has a tidied-up code base, so it now builds with as few warnings as possible on all platforms and on both 32/64 bit architectures. I also simplified logging, added support for synchronous sample loading, and fixed a few bugs.
  • the SFZero Juce module and sample plugin have been separated and the Juce module is now available as a git submodule for easy inclusion in other repositories

For more information, please see also this blog article

Please note that, in order to build, SFZero requires Juce.

Before building the sample plugin, it's necessary to

  • get the sample plugin source code from https://github.com/altalogix/SFZero
  • get the module source code from https://github.com/altalogix/SFZeroModule
  • copy the SFZeroModule folder as a childfolder to your Juce modules folder.
  • load plugin/SFZero.jucer into your IntroJucer tool and save the project again. This should regenerate the project build definitions with the proper links to your Juce module location.

If you just want to use the Juce module and not the sample plugin, it suffices to include the contents of https://github.com/altalogix/SFZeroModule within a SFZero child folder of your Juce modules folder.