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[UNMANTAINED] A Bitcoin wire protocol implementation in pure Ruby

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Bitcoin Protocol

An implementation of Bitcoin wire protocol in pure Ruby. Source code strives for an equilibrium between readability, flexibility and performance.


Ruby version 1.8.7 or newer.


$ gem install bitcoin-protocol


A simple monitor Client

Usage with Event Machine

Configuring a new Message

open and modify:


Source Code

Bitcoin Protocol repository is available on GitHub. You can clone it with:

git clone ....


You will need the following gems to run/test this gem:



If you'd like to hack on, please follow these instructions. To get all of the dependencies, install the gem first.

  1. Fork the project and clone down your fork
  2. Create a branch with a descriptive name to contain your change
  3. Hack away
  4. Add tests and make sure everything still passes by running rake
  5. Do not change the version number, I will do that on my end
  6. If necessary, rebase your commits into logical chunks, without errors
  7. Push the branch up to GitHub
  8. Send me (altamic) a pull request for your branch


This software is a liberal implementation of the protocol used in the Bitcoin software by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Thanks for information and encouragement go to Artforz, davout MagicalTux from the #bitcoin-dev channel on IRC.

I am particularly grateful to Ryan Davis and Eric Hodel of SeattleRB for their unparalleled Ruby software tools.


© Copyright 2011 Michelangelo Altamore. See LICENSE for details.

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