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Addons for Varlet packages.
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Varlet Addons

This packages extending Varlet package. It's containing various database engine.

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Quick Start

  • Download latest release and run the installation file.
  • Default database user for MariaDB / MySQL is: root
  • Default database user for PostgreSQL is: postgres
  • Default database root password is: secret

Services Name

- MySQL 5.6             : VarletMySQL56
- MySQL 5.7             : VarletMySQL57
- MySQL 8.0             : VarletMySQL80
- MariaDB 10.3          : VarletMariaDB103
- MariaDB 10.4          : VarletMariaDB104
- MariaDB 10.4          : VarletMariaDB104
- PostgreSQL 9.6        : VarletPgSQL96
- PostgreSQL 10         : VarletPgSQL10
- PostgreSQL 11         : VarletPgSQL11


Varlet is free software: you can distribute it and or modify it according to the license provided. Varlet is a compilation of free software, it's free of charge and it's free to copy under the terms of the Apache License 2.0. Please check every single licence of the contained products to get an overview of what is, and what isn't, allowed. In the case of commercial use please take a look at the product licences (especially MySQL), from the my point of view commercial use is also free.

Read the licence file file for the full Varlet license text.

See the COPYING files accompanying the software distribution.

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