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PLEASE UPDATE Before Block 75000 ( ~ November 1st -3rd 2017 ) to min Version!

What is ALTCOM? AltCommunity Coin or ALTCOM is a cryptocurrency that is built by the community of multiple altcoin communities. We aim to be The altcoin, for the altcoin community.

The true goal for ALTCOM is to spread into the mainstream as a gateway into cryptocurrency. We will do this by building software that is aimed towards the best software to get young people into the world of cryptocurrency.

Current Phase: 1 We will be moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2 in Q1 of 2018.

Name: AltCommunity Coin Ticker: ALTCOM Algorithm: SkunkHash Block Time: 60 seconds Proof of Work Reward: 1 Coin Proof of Stake Reward: 180% APR RPC: 28855 Default Port: 29855


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SkunkHash Miners

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