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*NEW* [Jan 2010 Update] Top 100 Themes, GUI Menu
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This is a mirror of

This package is simply to help people who want to try out a lot of color schemes.  It is the top 100 rated color schemes on as of Jan 20th, 2010 that are are not "evil" (binding keys, changing fonts, etc) --  zipped up in a single package.  Every single theme was updated to its newest revision, and converted to unix formatted line endings. 

Check out a demo of these themes at:

The menu has been simplified based on feedback to simply three categories.  Dark / Light / Other. 

This package was put together simply to save others time in downloading the color schemes.  If you are a scheme author and for some reason do not want your scheme included, please simply drop me a note.  iam -at-

Now, the pack comes with an organized GUI menu, but no tool for console users.  I recommend you pick up which is a colorscheme scroller / chooser and browser.  

Many of these schemes are Gvim only, and do not support consoles well... but there is a plugin to allow Gvim only themes to work in 88/256 color terminals ->

Love it or Hate it -- Rate it.  :)
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