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Skirnir is an Email Server developed in 100% pure Elixir and Erlang/OTP.

The main aim is create a complete server (SMTP, IMAP and Sieve).

If you want to see our progress you can check our Trello board.


This server is built following those standards for MTA, MDA and MAA.

Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)

Basicly it's based on SMTP. Those are the standars we are using to implement it:

  • RFC-3207 SMTP Service Extension for Secure SMTP over Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  • RFC-4954 SMTP Service Extension for Authentication.
  • RFC-5321 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
  • RFC-5322 Internet Message Format.

Mail Delivery Agent (MDA)

Actually, those standards are designed to create rules to deliver the message and are not related with the way the messages are deliverd.

  • RFC-5228 Sieve: An Email Filtering Language
  • RFC-5229 Sieve Email Filtering: Variables Extension
  • RFC-5173 Sieve Email Filtering: Body Extension
  • RFC-5429 Sieve Email Filtering: Reject and Extended Reject Extensions
  • RFC-6785 Support for Internet Message Protocol (IMAP) Events in Sieve

Mail Access Agent (MAA)

At this moment those are the standards we want to implement. Both of them (POP3 and IMAP4) have a lot of extensions. We'll adding them when they'll be implemented.

  • RFC-3501 Internet Message Access Protocol Version 4rev1 (IMAP v4.1)
  • RFC-1939 Post Office Protocol - Version 3 (POP3)