TTWatcher and Smashrun

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Using TTWatcher with Smashrun

TTWatcher was designed as an alternative to the TomTom My Sports connect application. This was done at a time when the TomTom software was loosing workouts due to a bug in the watch firmware. --It's a hobby project--

First step is to exit the TomTom My Sports application, it will take control over the watch if it is running. So check your Windows Traybar and exit the software completely. Then start TTWatcher.

After you start go to File -> Settings. You'll see a list of export options. Click on Smashrun, check the "enabled" and "Auto Open after Export" boxes. Then click on setup. A browser window will open. You might have to log into your smashrun account and allow TTWatcher access to your account. Click on "OK" in the settings dialog to close and save the new settings.

On the main window you'll see a tree with all of your workouts. Click on one and you should see a map with a red line showing the path you ran.

In the toolbar you see a cloud with a arrow pointing up, press that to export the workout to Smashrun. Once exported a webpage will open showing you the run.

If you want the exporting to happen automatically when you connect the watch set the "Automatically download .ttbins from TT watch when it's connected." on the General settings tab.

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