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* umounting/destructing blockdevice/filesystem stuff in the blockdevice library.
** Goals
not break while trying to build the setup like the user requested (breakage could happen if a device mapper volume is still active or a filesystem is still mounted)
still allow user to mount stuff himself behind the installers back. he is smarter then us. just do what we're told.
** Options
*** umount/deconstruct before trying to build
problems: - it's hard to know what we should delete, our 'build' plan might be different then the current environment (eg devices with same name but other function),
usually because of a previous run with the wrong settings, or which failed
- we can't base ourselves on things like "we should only have / and /dev/shm". The user can mount things himself
- quite complicated code if want to make it smart, but it's a dead end anyway.
*** if buildup fails, ask user to rollback -> implemented approach
- user should not ctrl-c and installer should not crash. this is doable. a 'wrong' state can be an acceptable exception.
- right now we can start repartitioning a disks that has filesystems mounted. is this harmfull? this only happens if unclean rollback or user did it, so NP i think
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