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I use Hakyll to maintain this site. See the bin directory for the site.hs which builds the site statically.

Source structure

├── bin         hakyll source code
├── etc         nginx local config files
├── files       downloads, global to site
├── pages       special pages (colophon, error pages)
│   └── errors
├── posts       one time posts, with possible updates
├── projects    ongoing, updated projects
├── resources   static resources
│   ├── css
│   ├── img
│   └── js
├── src         non hakyll source files
│   └── psd
└── templates   templates used by hakyll

Deployment process overview

Local site modifications are tested until correct and pushed to github for offsite storage. When site updates are ready for public deployment I push to my web server.

Some subdirectories, notably the project subdirectories, are managed using git-subtree. The web pages for those project are identical to the github repository for those projects. The Hakyll site.hs code processes them and converts the github specific absolute urls to be relative to my server's webroot.

Git subtree has the advantage of allowing me to work on the project from either the main project directory on my machine or from the website directory (for local site preview). Additionally, the project itself is maintained with several git-subtree subdirectories, allowing me to break out the vim subdirectory as it's own repository and work on it, for instance, from within my personal dotfiles.

See for other details on a similar hakyll-github-server deployment process that I took inspiration from.

Key commands

  • Building Hakyll site.hs

    ghc --make bin/site

  • Clean and preview site locally. bin is in my path so I can just use site and it will source locally.

    site clean site preview site preview 8900 (alternate port)

  • Create git-subtree repo (my own standardized naming conventions)

    • Add remotes:

      git remote add remote-solarized \

    • Add subtrees:

      git subtree add --prefix=projects/solarized \ remote-solarized master

    • Pull changes into local subtree

      git subtree pull --prefix=projects/solarized \ remote-solarized master

    • Push changes from local subtree

      git subtree push --prefix=projects/solarized \ remote-solarized master

  • Push to github

    standard commit and push

  • Deploy to live site

    git push aithops

Deployment Server

  • Site root and config

    ├── commons
    │   └── errors
    │       ├── 403
    │       ├── 404
    │       └── 50x
    ├── domains
    │   └── domain.tld
    ├── etc
    └── logs
  • Create repository and configure on remote

    www@aithops$ mkdir www@aithops$ cd www@aithops$ git init www@aithops$ git config receive.denyCurrentBranch 'ignore' www@aithops$ cd .. www@aithops$ chmod -R g+w

    (last command only required as I'll be commiting as a different user that is also a member of the www group)

  • Post-receive Hook file (ensure this is set to executable):

    export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
    if [ -n $GIT_DIR ]; then
            unset GIT_DIR
            cd ..
    # force checkout
    git checkout -f
    # build site binary (if no change it won't build)
    ghc --make bin/site
    #backup current state for quick recovery, just in case
    rm -rf _previous 
    cp -r _site _previous 
    # build site to _site directory
    # note: this is not a full rebuild, but could be
    # if we did a relink to the _previous directory prior
    # to the rebuild, then a link back to _site
    bin/site build
    # ensure we have the correct link on initial build
    # (commented out option force overrides)
    # ln -sfn _site _live
    if [ ! -h _live ]; then
            ln -s _site _live;
  • Commit to server

    $ git push aithops


See my dotfile repository for my master gitignore file. I've added both _cache and _site there (along with the standard haskell ignores) and locally I've added bin/site (the compile hakyll binary).

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