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Update vim-colors-solarized/README.mkd

Swap Xdefaults for Xresources. (Xdefaults is deprecated.)
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Trevor Bramble TrevorBramble authored

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  1. +2 2 vim-colors-solarized/README.mkd
4 vim-colors-solarized/README.mkd
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@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ select either the light or dark background.
107 107 If you are going to use Solarized in Terminal mode (i.e. not in a GUI version
108 108 like gvim or macvim), **please please please** consider setting your terminal
109 109 emulator's colorscheme to use the Solarized palette. I've included palettes
110   -for some popular terminal emulator as well as Xdefaults in the official
  110 +for some popular terminal emulator as well as Xresources in the official
111 111 Solarized download available from [Solarized homepage]. If you use
112 112 Solarized *without* these colors, Solarized will need to be told to degrade its
113 113 colorscheme to a set compatible with the limited 256 terminal palette (whereas
@@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ Set these in your vimrc file prior to calling the colorscheme.
153 153 the standard 16 colors of your terminal emulator. You will need to set
154 154 those colors to the correct Solarized values either manually or by
155 155 importing one of the many colorscheme available for popular terminal
156   - emulators and Xdefaults.
  156 + emulators and Xresources.
157 157
158 158 * g:solarized_termtrans
159 159

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