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updated wildmenu colors in solarized.vim

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1 parent a265733 commit 177c82b1636b864c92937c9780658cc6eca87aa4 @altercation committed Apr 15, 2011
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@@ -659,7 +659,7 @@ exe "hi! VertSplit" .s:fmt_bold .s:fg_base00 .s:bg_base00
exe "hi! Title" .s:fmt_bold .s:fg_orange .s:bg_none
exe "hi! VisualNOS" .s:fmt_stnd .s:fg_none .s:bg_base02
exe "hi! WarningMsg" .s:fmt_bold .s:fg_red .s:bg_none
-exe "hi! WildMenu" .s:fmt_none .s:fg_base1 .s:bg_base02
+exe "hi! WildMenu" .s:fmt_none .s:fg_base2 .s:bg_base02
exe "hi! Folded" .s:fmt_undb .s:fg_base0 .s:bg_base02 .s:sp_base03
exe "hi! FoldColumn" .s:fmt_bold .s:fg_base0 .s:bg_base02
exe "hi! DiffAdd" .s:fmt_revr .s:fg_green .s:bg_none

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