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tpope commented Apr 30, 2011

A few togglebg changes hopefully adequately justified in the commit messages. Should this repo or the master solarized repo be forked and edited?

Also your need to exe "colorscheme " . g:colors_name is curious as I've always found that to be automatically triggered. Though I left it be in case you had found an edge case.

tpope added some commits Apr 30, 2011

@tpope tpope Enable togglebg to be reloaded
This makes it easier to develop the plugin at the only cost of not
spewing an unhelpful error in the unlikely event some other plugin chose
the same <Plug> map.
@tpope tpope Clean up whitespace 4f8d197
@tpope tpope Clean up maps in togglebg f64dd49
@tpope tpope Simplify togglebg#map()
Allow errors to bubble out of togglebg#map() (so the user knows, e.g.,
if they gave an invalid argument) and guard against clobbering an <F5>
map instead.  Also drop <unique> as a user can pass that in if desired.

altercation commented May 2, 2011

@tpope, sorry, didn't see this till today. I did some refactoring on togglebg over the past couple days but will review your changes and work them in as possible.

mat813 commented Oct 21, 2011

I did :

call togglebg#map("<Leader>b")
iunmap <Leader>b

Because my <Leader> is a space... It has been strange for a few hours not understanding why spaces were not showing right away, then I saw that togglebg#map was really doing.

It would be nice to be able to select which map is set.

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